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How To Use

  1. Wash car as usual, using soap. Leave car wet.

  2. With the synthetic clay side (black colour) on the car paint surface, run the sponge on a back and forth motion, with light pressure. If it helps, just apply the pressure similar to wiping down a dining table. This simulates the claying process similar to using a traditional claybar. 

  3. While claying, ensure the surface is well lubricated. Using detailer's spray or a fresh bucket of car soap water is much recommended. 

  4. If you dropped the sponge while claying, just rinse thoroughly before reusing. 

  5. After claying, rinse car down with water. Another wash is recommended, for a better natural shine. Enjoy!

  6. Further enhancement such as waxing, coating could be applied to further protect the car paint.